MARILYN MANSON DVD Used As Evidence In Murder Trial

December 28, 2004

Launch Radio Networks is reporting that excerpts from the bonus DVD included in MARILYN MANSON's 2003 album, "The Golden Age Of Grotesque", were played at a Scottish murder trial on Thursday (Dec. 23). Prosecutor Alan Turnbull asked for the first ten minutes of the disc to be played in the trial of 16-year-old Luke Mitchell, who is accused of murdering 14-year-old Jodi Jones (Photo) on June 30, 2003. Jones' naked and bloodstained body was found in the woods near her home outside Edinburgh, Scotland, two days before Mitchell says he bought the DVD.

The disc, which was seized from Mitchell's house, features a sequence in which two girls are tied together near a train track, struggling as hoods are placed over their heads.

Mitchell denies killing Jones, but did tell police when they interviewed him on July 4, 2003 that he was a MANSON fan.

He said he had bought the MANSON CD and bonus DVD for £11.99 in a supermarket, according to the BBC News.

He told Detective Constable Stephen Quinn, 43: "It is a weird sort of gothic video".

He described it as "trancestyle" with Manson "saying random words and stuff" over film of a car driving down a road in the middle of the night.

After the jury were shown the DVD, Turnbull asked the detective if the contents did include, as Mitchell had said, a car driving down the road in the middle of the night and Quinn agreed.

He said: "The portion we watched also seemed to include a number of flash images. In some of them there seemed to be a young girl who is naked."

"It seemed to be like that, yes," Quinn replied.

"In some of them she appeared to be lying on the ground," continued Turnbull and the detective said this was the case.

Quinn also agreed when Turnbull said: "The girls were to some extent molested and carried away."

Quinn acknowledged to Mitchell's defense attorney that the DVD was not for sale to anyone under 15. The trial continues this week at the High Court in Edinburgh.

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