MARILYN MANSON On DVD: 'Even If You Don't Like My Music It's Entertaining'

October 29, 2002

MARILYN MANSON crafted his "God, Guns and Government World Tour" DVD to transcend the single-show concert experience and provide a feeling of what it'd be like to tag along for the entire tour, the singer told

"I've never really been excited by the idea of concert DVDs even with my favorite bands," he explained. "Instead of keeping it consistent and having it end up being one concert, I tried to feature shots from each concert we did in every city around the whole world. And I took what most people would just consider backstage footage and made it into a 30-minute short film. ... Even if you don't like my music it's entertaining, and it gives you a real look into my lifestyle on the road and what it's like to be involved in something so dangerous and sometimes funny and sometimes scary but always, always Marilyn Manson."

"I think [my fans] will just be happy and entertained that they get to see behind the curtain but it's not one of those things where it's demystifying," he said. "It's not like 'The Wizard of Oz', where you pull back [the curtain] and I'm some guy that's going to be disappointing to them. I am who I am all the time. Onstage it's obviously turned up to 11, but backstage sometimes it's worse."

"God, Guns and Government World Tour" comes out today (Oct. 29) via Eagle Vision.

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