May 12, 2005

Several well-known metal musicians have issued statements offering their condolences on the passing of original METAL CHURCH frontman David Wayne. As previously reported, Wayne died on Tuesday (May 10) due to complications from injuries he sustained in a head-on automobile accident several months ago. He was 47 years old.

MEGADETH guitarist Glen Drover: "It saddens me to say that David Wayne, the original singer for METAL CHURCH — one of my all-time favorite bands — is no longer with us. I still remember buying the first METAL CHURCH record when it was first released, becoming a fan instantly!!! A sad thing to hear that he is no longer with us..."

ANNIHILATOR guitarist Jeff Waters: "RIP, David Wayne. Your work on the early METAL CHURCH stuff influenced me and it was also pleasure and honor to tour with REVEREND years ago."

DESTRUCTION bassist/vocalist Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer: "Another friend is gone! RIP, Dave — we all know your voice will live on in metal history! A tragedy..."

Wayne sang on METAL CHURCH's first two classic offerings (1984's "Metal Church" and 1986's "The Dark") before leaving the group and being replaced by Mike Howe. Wayne subsequently teamed up with members of HERETIC members to form REVEREND, with whom he released two full-length albums and a couple of EPs. He eventually rejoined METAL CHURCH in time for the 1999 reunion album, "Masterpeace". A "solo" album (under the WAYNE banner),entitled "Metal Church" followed in 2001.

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