METALLICA: 'Disposable Heroes' Live Clip From Stockholm Available

August 20, 2007

Fan-filmed video footage of METALLICA performing the song "Disposable Heroes" on July 12, 2007 at Stadion in Stockholm, Sweden has been posted on YouTube. Watch the clip below.

METALLICA frontman James Hetfield recently told Kerrang! magazine that producer Rick Rubin wants them to make an album as good as "Master of Puppets".

"On 'St Anger', [producer] Bob Rock did everything," said Hetfield. "He was producer, engineer, bass player, babysitter, father figure — and Rick Rubin is pretty much the opposite, he's not there to babysit. When he first came in, his opening statement was 'I want you guys to impress me: I want you to feel like you're starting out again'. He really wants us to get in the mind-set of 'Master of Puppets'. It's impossible to recreate what we were 20 years ago, it's silly, but we had to get that hunger back."

In a recent interview with Norway's NRK, Hetfield stated about the band's collaboration with Rubin, "Rick Rubin is extremely good at getting the best out of any artist he's worked with, whether it's BEASTIE BOYS, NEIL DIAMOND, SLAYER, SLIPKNOT… he does all, he does rap… anything! Somehow he taps in. He's got a good vibe, and a good ear, and we think we do too. So sometimes there's a little bit of this — we like our things the way we like them, he likes his things the way he likes them — but with two great powers putting something together, I think we'll come up with something pretty amazing. He's having us focus a lot on the feeling around 'Master of Puppets' — what was going through our minds? what was it like? — the hunger around 'Master of Puppets'."

(Thanks: Johan Mörling)

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