August 31, 2004

METALLICA frontman James Hetfield spoke to Scoop of the Columbus, Ohio radio station The Blitz 99.7 FM prior to the band's show in Chicago last Friday (Aug. 27). A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

Scoop: What kind of metal, what kind of tunes are you listening to right now? Have you heard MASTODON? What do you think of some of these new metal bands that are coming up? Or are you an old-school guy and you're still listening to your RAVEN and DIAMOND HEAD records?

James Hetfield: "It's all of that. Sometimes I'll put on the radio, sometimes put on XM [satellite radio], sometimes put on a CD. Listening to a lot of Radio Disney 'cause of my kids. [laughs] They love music…"

Scoop: It's hard for me to imagine you sitting there in the car with HILARY DUFF playing. It's strange.

James Hetfield: "Dude, I bought the CD, man… My six-year-old daughter… well, five at the time… said, 'I like that. Can we get it?' And I said, 'Hell, yeah. My daughter requested some music. I'm not going to not connect with that. That is so great.' You know, 'I'll put up with that.'"

Scoop: 20 years ago, you might have said, "HILARY DUFF. For God's sake. Help me."

James Hetfield: "Well, I still say that. But my daughter loves it, and me watching her love that makes it all worthwhile. Whatever… On the computer, I'll just put it on random, and it'll come up with all kinds of different stuff. I'll be playing TOM WAITS, I'll be playing new CYPRESS HILL, I'll be playing NEKROMANTIX — just all kinds of different stuff. As far as new metal stuff goes, we're having a great time out here with GODSMACK. They deliver the goods really good. I think they've got a real good grasp on what's going on and what needs to go on, and they're very well grounded. So that's what I can say about them right now."

James Hetfield's interview with The Blitz 99.7 FM can be downloaded at this location (also available are brief interviews with Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo). Photos from Scoop's METALLICA interview sessions in Chicago can be viewed here.

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