MINDWARP CHAMBER Featuring Ex-TWELFTH GATE Singer: Music Posted Online

May 10, 2006

MINDWARP CHAMBER, the new Illinois-based band featuring Scott Huffman (formerly of TWELFTH GATE) on vocals, along with Brent Sullivan (formerly of WINTERKILL) on bass, Ed "Shreddy" Bethishou (formerly of the DAVID SHANKLE GROUP) on keyboards, Jerry Buczko on guitars and Glen Johnson on drums, have uploaded a demo track, entitled "Twilight Exit", at this location.

MINDWARP CHAMBER is described in the band's official bio as "a heavy, progressive band with no restrictions on their writing style. . . Fed up with the music scene, all members left their other bands to form a band that they could do the music they love most. Heavy and progressive without any rules not trying to please anyone except those who enjoy the same. There was no reason to waste the talent of these musicians anymore in the mainstream music world that floods the market today. The way MWC looks at it, if you enjoy our music great, if not, don't listen!"

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