More 1970s/80s Glam/Melodic Rock Memorabilia Being Auctioned On eBay

February 29, 2008

A large collection of vintage 1970-'80s-era glam and melodic rock items has surfaced on eBay. Included among the 75-plus lots are signed, vintage promotional posters, and CDs from fan-favorite bands such as KEEL, BLACK 'N BLUE, ANGEL, and WARLOCK/Doro Pesch, as well as more mainstream acts like Steve Perry/JOURNEY, TESLA, and QUEENSRĊ¸CHE.

Highlights include a 1989 PRETTY BOY FLOYD "stage broken" guitar, grouped collections of rare ANGEL, W.A.S.P., SLAUGHTER, and RATT paraphernalia, and a virtually unprecedented collection of some of the most highly sought-after, out-of-print, glam/melodic rock CDs ever assembled for auction.

You can view the listings here.

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