MUDVAYNE Singer Talks About Label Imprint, First Signing

June 23, 2004

MUDVAYNE singer Chad Gray has commented on BLOODSIMPLE, the first signing to his label, Bullygoat Records (with distribution through Warner Bros Records). Based in New York, BLOODSIMPLE is the new project featuring VISION OF DISORDER members Tim Williams (vocals) and Mike Kennedy (guitar),along with ex-MEDICATION bassist Kyle Sanders and drummer Chris Hamilton, plus guitarist Nick Rowe (guitar).

Said Gray: "Last year, BLOODSIMPLE opened for MUDVAYNE in Philadelphia, and it was there that I first saw them perform. It didn't take long for me to understand that they have the songs, energy, and live performance as well as the ability to captivate an audience. With regards to the band's signing to Bullygoat/Warner Bros. Records, Chad said, "Starting a label has always been something I have wanted to do. Having my own label enables me to help friends that I've met on the road who have great bands, get their music heard. I'll be involved with them artistically and also help guide them to make better decisions than I did early in my career. As the first signees to Bullygoat, BLOODSIMPLE has finally made this vision a reality."

BLOODSIMPLE, together for two years, began in NYC from the ashes of the legendary hardcore band VISION OF DISORDER. Propelled by the explosive voice of Tim Williams, BLOODSIMPLE's music is the perfect fit for Gray's vision of Bullygoat Records. Williams and Mike Kennedy (guitar) began writing songs with Nick Rowe, a local producer/songwriter. The trio recorded a four-demo disc and began searching for the missing components. Their search led them to a seasoned rhythm section of Chris Hamilton (drummer in DOWNSET/MEDICATION) and Kyle Sanders (bassist in SKREW/MEDICATION). With Hamilton and Sanders on board, BLOODSIMPLE was complete. The band's first single, "Running From Nothing", was released independently in 2003 and topped the chart on WSOU (metal radio) in the NY/NJ area. BLOODSIMPLE has toured extensively in the last year sharing the bill with MUDVAYNE, LIFE OF AGONY, BIOHAZARD, ANTHRAX and CLUTCH, and are currently in Vancouver recording their Bullygoat/Warner Bros. debut with producer Garth Richardson (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, MUDVAYNE, CHEVELLE, ATREYU, MELVINS, FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES). Tour and album release information forthcoming.

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