MURDERDOLLS: New Song Available For Streaming

June 17, 2010

"My Dark Place Alone", a brand new track from the reactivated MURDERDOLLS — the band consisting of Joey Jordison (SLIPKNOT, ROB ZOMBIE) and Wednesday 13 — is available for streaming below (courtesy of The song comes off the group's long-awaited sophomore album, "Women And Children Last", which will be released in August via Roadrunner Records. The CD was recorded at a studio in Hollywood Hills, California with producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD).

"Women And Children Last" track listing:

01. The World According To Revenge
02. Chapel Of Blood
03. Bored 'Til Death
04. Drug Me To Hell
05. Nowhere
06. Summertime Suicide
07. Death Valley Superstars
08. My Dark Place Alone
09. Blood-Stained Valentine
10. Pieces Of You
11. Homicide Drive
12. Nothing's Gonna Be All Right
13. Rock 'N' Roll Is All I Got
14. Hello, Goodbye, Die

In an April 2010 interview with, MURDERDOLLS' Joey Jordison stated about the songwriting process for the band's new CD, "This is the first time we've actually sat down and written songs. The production is a lot better, and this is the first time we've really collaborated. The first record was a mix of my old band and Wednesday's old band, and we kind of threw it all together. It was just like a demo pretty much. 'Women and Children Last' is like eight years worth of material." Wednesday 13 added, "It wasn't like we got together and said, 'Alright, we're doing this new record. Let's write three weeks' worth of songs.' This is eight years of demos that I've passed back and forth to Joey. With as much stuff as Joey's done with SLIPKNOT and I've done on my own, there was so much material to choose from. I've recorded a lot, and there's stuff that's gotten left behind. Joey digs out all this stuff. I'll say, 'You like that song, really?'"

When asked if "Women and Children Last" preserves that classic Sunset Strip attitude, Wednesday 13 replied, "Kind of…the title more or less exists to piss people off. Even though I'm a hair metal fan, I've become a huge SLAYER fan over the years. With the way the new MURDERDOLLS music sounds, it's everything from that Sunset Strip stuff to SLAYER. It goes everywhere this time — whereas the first record was more punk rock."

"I'm really excited about it," Joey added. "I think it's actually going to reel in a lot of the SLIPKNOT fans because of the heaviness. We're not going to lose any fans; this album is only going to gain fans for us. We weren't like, 'Okay, we're going to crank out some campy songs like we did before.'"

"There are a few songs on the record that are going to appeal to that," Wednesday 13 continued. "However, it's a new sound for us. 'Women and Children Last' is exciting because it sounds different. It's got that element of the old rock 'n' roll we grew up on, but we're down-tuned and it's got a new groove."

MURDERDOLLS will next perform on June 17 at the Key Club in Hollywood, California.

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