February 9, 2003

MURDERDOLLS guitarist Acey Slade recently spoke to Earplugs Required about his decision to leave DOPE last summer and become a full-time member of MURDERDOLLS as a permanent replacement for Tripp Eisen (STATIC-X). "I didn't know what to expect [when I first joined MURDERDOLLS as a touring guitarist] because I was like, you know I'm not stupid — I had a lot of heart and soul and everything put into DOPE and I do that with everything that I'm into," Slade said. "I also knew, I knew for awhile that I wouldn't be in DOPE much longer. Truthfully, I wanted to leave the band at a couple of points. I just didn't, because, like I said, I had so much time invested in that band, heart and soul and everything and I was so proud of everything that we did. And so when this thing came up, I didn't know if it was going to be, I didn't know what was going to happen. I knew [MURDERDOLLS frontman] Wednesday really well, I knew [MURDERDOLLS guitarist and SLIPKNOT drummer] Joey [Jordison] really well, and I knew his music well . . . At that point, I had to look at myself and go, you know, I tried playing the corporate game, tried playing the thing of we have to write this song to get this song on the radio, and I've always been a firm believer you are more successful if you put your heart into something and sell 100,000 records than if you are trying to write a hit and sell 200,000 records. You are successful that way and that is what this band is about. There's a couple of times when we were sitting there talking, 'Well, you shouldn't do this because this and that' — that's stupid because that's not us and what we do — fuck everybody!"

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