NANCY WILSON On Dealing With Pandemic: 'Staying Creative Has Just Been Life Saving And Soul Saving For Me'

January 26, 2021

HEART's Nancy Wilson was honored with the "Legend Award" at the ninth annual She Rocks Awards, which was streamed live on Friday, January 22 on Believeinmusic.TV, and AXS.TV.

During the She Rocks Awards "red carpet" portion of the event, Wilson was asked by John Stapleton from M.A.C Cosmetics what she has learned about herself this last year while being in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. She responded (see video below): "Well, I think a lot of us have learned a lot of the same things, which is a lot about the pressurized, fast-paced life where we're always too busy, always traveling somewhere and never getting anywhere. When you're allowed, or even forced, to stop and take stock of your whole life, for instance, there's really blessing inside the curse. For me, it's all the creative time, which reconnected me to a kind of a previous part of myself when I was in university and I was always trying to write songs and poetry — the creative, younger part of myself. It's what I do, and I'd be insane if I couldn't do it. I'd go insane — literally. So staying creative has just been life saving and soul saving for me."

Nancy's debut solo album, "You And Me", is tentatively due in April via Carry On Music. Nancy plays guitar and sings every song on the new album which features collaborations with Sammy Hagar, Duff McKagan (GUNS N' ROSES) and Taylor Hawkins (FOO FIGHTERS). The first single, "The Rising", is Nancy's stunning rendition of the Bruce Springsteen song.

A guitar virtuoso from the age of 10, Nancy and her sister Ann lead the multi-platinum rock group HEART. Nancy is revered as an ingenious guitar player, a gifted lead vocalist, and as an award-winning songwriter. Nancy has co-written a collection of indelible songs that have earned their way into the classic rock canon ("Magic Man", "Crazy On You", "Barracuda", "Straight On"). She has also earned several nominations for her film scoring work.

During an era when females in rock 'n' roll were scarce, Nancy helped to carve out a place for women to front rock bands, dominate on stage. Her icon status was cemented when HEART, who have sold 35 million albums, was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2012. That same year, she and her sister received a star on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood. In 2013, the Wilson sisters celebrated another career milestone when they performed LED ZEPPELIN's "Stairway To Heaven" at the Kennedy Center Honors. Their note-perfect performance was met with rousing cheers and a standing ovation in the staid concert hall, and brought members of LED ZEPPELIN to tears. The video went viral on YouTube.

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