NEAERA: New Song Posted Online

September 20, 2010

German extreme metallers NEAERA have launched a landing page where you can stream "Heaven's Descent", the first single from their new album, "Forging The Eclipse", watch the studio webisodes the boys filmed and pre-order the new album. In Europe you can order the limited digipak version of the album for just 12.99 euros and a bundle including the digipak and an exclusive t-shirt for 19.99 euros.

NEAERA had the following to say about "Heaven's Descent": "'Heaven's Descent' deals with the incomprehensible cases of sexual, mental and physical abuse that have taken place over the past few years at churches, schools and clerical institutions across Germany, Europe and all over the world.

"Over the past few months more and more of these outrageous crimes have been uncovered and victims have finally found the courage to step forward to speak out about their suffering and accuse their tormentors. Many of those criminals could never be persecuted and are hiding to this day under the cloak of false innocence and immunity.

"We must NEVER grow tired of uncovering injustice wherever it shows its ugly face or conceals it behind the smoke and mirrors of heavenly — or worldly — pretence, we must lend our ears and voices to those that suffer and fight against these disgraceful circumstances with all means available to us, because no matter what position you have towards the church, this is about justice and atonement for the crimes that were committed, and this is something that believers and non-believers must agree on."

"Forging The Eclipse" track listing:

01. The Forging
02. Heaven's Descent
03. In Defiance
04. Eight Thousand Sorrows Deep
05. Arise Black Vengeance
06. Rubikon
07. Sirens of Black
08. Certitude
09. Exaltation
10. Tyranny of Want
11. The Prophecy
12. And to Posterity A Plague

"Forging The Eclipse" will be released on October 26 (one day earlier internationally via Metal Blade Records.

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