NEW YEARS DAY: 'Disgust Me' Video Released

July 26, 2018

NEW YEARS DAY's video for the song "Disgust Me" can be seen below. The track is the sole new original piece of music on the band's latest EP, "Diary Of A Creep", which was released in January via RED/Century Media.

"Diary Of A Creep", which follows the tradition of landmark releases like "Garage Days" by METALLICA, sees NEW YEARS DAY paying tribute to the artists who shaped the band, even as they continually redefine their music with each successive bold stage of their evolution.

NEW YEARS DAY singer Ash Costello told Consequence Of Sound: "The song 'Disgust Me' is about seeing the side of someone that they tend to hide. Whether it be because they have deemed it undesirable or unattractive for whatever reason or out of fear of being judged as less than because of the dark sides they possess. 'Disgust Me' is asking the listener to not be afraid to show these parts because it just may bring you relief instead of sorrow."

She added: "For the video, I wanted to show that visually. I am asked a lot why I decided to dye my hair half red and half black, so I saw the 'Disgust Me' music video as an opportunity to give that a story of its own. The all-black-haired girl calling upon the dark spirits to show themselves, and the all-red-haired girl who’s been lost alone in the wilderness, coming together to make one whole person. To me it felt symbolic, like the two sides of me can both shine, the light and the dark."

"Diary Of A Creep" includes "Only Happy When it Rains" — featuring Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM — a somber alt-rock anthem originally written and recorded by GARBAGE, the Shirley Manson-fronted band which includes songwriter and performer Butch Vig (who produced landmark albums by NIRVANA, SMASHING PUMPKINS, GREEN DAY and FOO FIGHTERS). There's NEW YEARS DAY's version of the LINKIN PARK mega-hit "Crawling", with Costello putting her own spin on the fierce vocal delivery of the late Chester Bennington. There's "Don't Speak", the smash ballad from NO DOUBT's diamond-selling album "Tragic Kingdom". Dark new wave finds its way into the EP via NEW ORDER's "Bizarre Love Triangle". On the other end of the NEW YEARS DAY spectrum, there's PANTERA classic "Fucking Hostile", now a staple of NEW YEARS DAY's live show.

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