NIGHTWISH Kicks Off 'Decades' World Tour In Atlanta (Video)

March 11, 2018

Finnish symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH kicked off their "Decades" world tour this past Friday, March 9 at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia.

On this trek, NIGHTWISH is presenting a special setlist, featuring rare material from the early years of the band's career.

The group's setlist was as follows:

01. Swanheart
02. End Of All Hope (first time live since 2004)
03. Wish I Had An Angel (first time live since 2013)
04. 10th Man Down (first time live since 2003)
05. Come Cover Me (first time live since 2012)
06. Gethsemane (first time live since 2003)
07. Élan
08. Sacrament Of Wilderness (first time live since 2008)
09. Dead Boy's Poem (first time live since 2009)
10. Elvenpath (first time live since 2004)
11. I Want My Tears Back
12. The Carpenter (first time live since 1998)
13. The Kinslayer (first time live since 2005)
14. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean (first time live since 2002)
15. Nemo
16. Slaying The Dreamer (first time live since 2008)
17. The Greatest Show On Earth
18. Ghost Love Score

Check out fan-filmed video footage of the concert below.

A new NIGHTWISH 2CD compilation titled "Decades" was released on March 9.

NIGHTWISH's next album, which is tentatively due in 2020, will mark the band's second full-length release with singer Floor Jansen, who has been touring with the group since 2012.

NIGHTWISH mainman/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen told FaceCulture about the musical and lyrical direction of the material he has already composed for NIGHTWISH's next album: "It's still really early. All I can say is that I feel really excited — super excited — for the first time in months, years. And I have six songs now — the music, not the lyrics — but I know what these songs are about. I have the overall concept of the album in my head and I'm really excited to present it to the other members of the band at some point. I feel a bit relieved also that it's back and that in the near future we're gonna be able to get back together with the band and start working on these songs."

Asked what makes the current NIGHTWISH lineup so perfect for him, Tuomas said: "I don't take it for granted, for one. Jus the past few years, the chemistry has been really good. I think you can see it on stage, you can hear it on the previous album. It's just really good at the moment. But, like I said, none of us takes it for granted; you have to work for it. And I hope everybody remembers that on the upcoming tour as well, and in the future."

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