NIKKI SIXX: 'MÖTLEY CRÜE Was Never Really Meant To Stay Together'

December 2, 2016

Nikki Sixx sat down with Mark Goodman and Alan Light, hosts of SiriusXM's "Debatable", to talk about his latest album with SIXX:A.M., his time in MÖTLEY CRÜE and how you won't ever see a reunion tour with the CRÜE.

Speaking about MÖTLEY CRÜE's decision to call it quits after one last show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles following an eighteen-month tour that saw the band performing to packed houses all over the world, Sixx said (hear audio below): "MÖTLEY CRÜE was never really meant to stay together. I mean, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. It was wired like a bunch of Rottweilers or like a gang. And there's all these Type A personalities and different issues within the band that made it really magical. But maturity and that doesn't necessarily work together, and I think that it was kind of cool that we sat down together and said, 'Hey, man, let's just let this thing go.'"

Sixx also spoke about his life after MÖTLEY CRÜE and how he has embraced being part of a band again. He said: "I was really excited to throw my heart and soul into the final chapter for MÖTLEY CRÜE, and at the same time, as an artist, I was creating something new, even though SIXX:A.M. has actually been around for ten years; the ten-year anniversary of 'The Heroin Diaries' soundtrack is next year. So I've just really enjoyed being an artist. I've never been one to think about, 'I'm just in a band.'"

He continued: "I love being in a band. I have a gang mentality. I love being in a family, I'm family-oriented in my head. So I love that. But I don't ever go, 'Hey, I'm Nikki Sixx of…' and then fill in the name of the band. I just like being an artist."

According to Sixx, he has no regrets about the choices he has made in his career and personal life, and he is ready to move forward while acknowledging his past.

"I look back on [my time with MÖTLEY CRÜE] and I'm super proud," he said. "And obviously, I'm still a member of MÖTLEY CRÜE and we still do a lot of stuff. We just released a really cool box set and a live DVD. But I think that I'll be able to look back on my life probably when I'm in my 70s a little bit and go, 'What have I done since I was a teenager?' And right now I'm kind of in it — I'm in it and I'm really digging it. And I really love it a lot. And I love being really honest. I like my age, and I like where I'm at on the planet, and I like what I've made the decision to attach myself to."

He added: "There's a lot of opportunities for all of us on the planet. Anybody that's listening, you have opportunities to date that person or live in this place or be in that kind of a business. And I made decisions in my life in the last… especially the last ten years where I was, like, 'This is who I wanna be with and how I see my life.'"

Sixx recently told TeamRock that there was "no chance" of MÖTLEY CRÜE making another record, insisting that the band creatively "came to a crawl." "I want to just leave it intact," he said. "I see no reason. We couldn't be creative as a band, so how the hell can we continue? But I'm glad the way it finished — we did it all, we did what we said we were going to do, and now I'm excited about the future."

MÖTLEY CRÜE's last studio album was 2008's "Saints Of Los Angeles", which was followed by a 2009 "Greatest Hits" compilation.

A tour film about MÖTLEY CRÜE's final shows, "The End", came out earlier this fall, and a film adaptation of the band's 2001 autobiography "The Dirt" is still said to be in the works.

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