Norway's SLAYER Magazine To Unleash Issue #17

June 25, 2002

Norway's Slayer magazine is currently preparing its 17th issue (dubbed "Witching Metal") containing 68 pages in the familiar Slayer vein, featuring interviews with Jon Nødtveidt of DISSECTION (the first interview after his arrest!),EXODUS, CANDLEMASS, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, OCCULT, RAZOR, THE CROWN, MERCILESS, BLACK WIDOW (the ancient UK prog band),MANINNYA BLADE, OMEN, FRANK GOSDZIK (a.k.a. Frank Blackfire),a DESTRUCTION/SODOM/KREATOR tour report (including interviews),HIRAX, DEW SCENTED, WITCHBURNER, IRON ANGEL, 1349, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, REV. KRISS HADES, USURPER, REPULSION, and much more. The price is $7 US anywhere in the world, but if you send $8 US, you will receive a couple of promo CDs along with your order. Price in Scandinavia is 50 NOK or 60 SEK. A mid-to-late July publication date is expected. Only cash accepted!

Slayer #16, "Deathlike Silence", is still available for a limited time for the same price.


P.O. Box 447
1703 Sarpsborg

[email protected]

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