OBITUARY Covers POWER TRIP's 'Executioner's Tax' During Livestream (Video)

March 30, 2021

Earlier in the month, OBITUARY announced a new two-part spring livestream series. The band performed its favorite songs on March 27 and will run through its classic third album, 1992's "The End Complete", in its entirety on April 3.

During the March 27 livestream, OBITUARY played a surprise cover version of POWER TRIP's Grammy-nominated track "Executioner's Tax (Swing Of The Axe)", featuring a guest appearance by POWER TRIP guitarists Blake Ibanez and Nick Stewart. The performance was dedicated to POWER TRIP frontman Riley Gale, who passed away last summer.

POWER TRIP confirmed Riley's death in a statement on August 25, 2020.

The Dallas, Texas-based band released two albums on Southern Lord, 2013's "Manifest Decimation" and 2017's "Nightmare Logic". A rarities compilation, "Opening Fire: 2008-2014", followed in 2018.

"Nightmare Logic" peaked at No. 22 on Billboard's Hard Rock Albums chart.

POWER TRIP was said to be working on its third album at the time of Riley's death.

Last week, OBITUARY frontman John Tardy confirmed to France's United Rock Nations that the band has used some of the downtime during the coronavirus pandemic to work on material for a new studio album. "We've definitely been working on new tunes, and we've been taking our time," he said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). "We didn't feel like releasing [a new album] now in the middle of the pandemic when you can't go on tour and support it is not what we wanted to do, so we're in no hurry. But by the time next year comes around, we're gonna be hitting the road again. We're getting tours set up, and we will be releasing another album next year before we hit the road and start touring again. So we are currently working on new material."

Asked what fans can expect from the follow-up to OBITUARY's 2017 self-titled album, John said: "I think it's just gonna sound like OBITUARY. [Laughs] You know us — we're kind of cavemen; we don't like to evolve too much. We like to change it up and do a little here and there, but we're getting too old to change too much, I think. So as long as it's heavy and pounding, then that's what you can expect."

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