OMEGA CROM Completes Work On Debut Album

May 4, 2009

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based metal act OMEGA CROM has completed work on its debut album, "Blood Steel and Fire", with Juno award-winning engineer Rob Shallcross (ZIMMERS HOLE, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, MELDRUM, MR. PLOW, MENDOZZA, GWAR). An early summer release via Reversed Records is expected.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Warpath
02. Battlefield
03. Calling of the Dead
04. The Passing of Azazel
05. The Prisoner (The Drawing)
06. Playing God
07. The Parliament of Stone
08. F.F.O.H.T.L.
09. Metal Revolution

According to the band's official bio, "OMEGA CROM features progressive power metal, and elements of aggressive death and thrash. Diverse vocals range from screeching falsettos, mid range to hardcore death vocals. Shredding solos, anthemic harmonies, and crushing rhythm guitar range from old-school speed thrash to 18th century classical. Double kick thrash beats haul ass throughout combined with off time jazz elements punctuated with inventive rolls and blast beats."


Johnny K: Lead Vocals/Guitar
Wayne Holden: Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ian "Rapid Mutilation" Wilcke: Bass/Backing Vocals
Dan La Pierre: Drums

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