SLIPKNOT's JORDISON Announces New Signature Stick with PRO-MARK

May 4, 2009

SLIPKNOT's Joey Jordison has signed on to become the newest member of the Pro-Mark family. Pro-Mark will be releasing Joey's signature stick on May 15! Joey went as far as to put his own blood right in the ink that will be printed on every stick.

Commented Joey: "The first wood stick I ever played was a Pro-Mark, so I'm thrilled to be joining the family! To show everyone just how serious I am about my new signature 515s, I've even gone as far as putting my own blood in the ink for them. It's not just my signature on these sticks, it's me."

Jordison toured North America as a guest drummer with SATYRICON in late 2004 after the band's regular skinsman Frost was denied a visa due to heightened homeland security concerns. Jordison also toured with MINISTRY and famously sat in for METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich when the drummer fell ill and could not make it to a massive U.K. festival in the summer of 2004.

SLIPKNOT was forced to cancel several European festival appearances as well as performances for MTV Europe and Virgin TV last summer after Jordison broke his ankle and was advised to rest for four to six weeks.

For more information, click here.

(Thanks: Leslie Connelly)

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