OVERLORDE To Begin Recording New Album

July 14, 2004

American power metal band OVERLORDE will enter Trax East studios in South River, NJ on July 25 to begin recording their debut CD for Cult Metal Classics Records, titled "Return of the Snow Giant". Engineering the recording and mixing sessions will be by Eric Kvortek and Eric Rachel, respectively. The sessions are also being video-documented by Overlorde Force Recon Pathfinder Greg Smith. The following songs are being recorded for release on the CD (not in exact song order):

01. Snow Giant
02. Overlorde
03. Blackness
04. Hell hath No Fury
05. Ogre Wizard
06. Metallic Madness
07. When He Comes
08. My Disease
09. Trapped by Magic
10. Starcastle
11. Colossus (Island of the Cyclops)
12. Mark of the Wolf

The lyrics for some of the songs are already posted at www.overlorde.com. Additional lyrics will be posted during the coming months.

OVERLORDE guitarist Mark "M.E." Edwards has been documenting guitar pre-production for the recording sessions in the "Musicians" forum at www.snakenet.com. Existing Snakenet members can check it out here. Additionally, Force Recon Ranger Damian Smolko has been working on an interactive video game featuring OVERLORDE music. Once it is ready, it will be available as a free download.

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