OZZY OSBOURNE: Original 'Perry Mason' Demo Available For Download

March 24, 2005

OZZY OSBOURNE fan site Ozzyhead.com has been updated with the following message:

"OZZY'S OSBOURNE's 'Ozzmosis' album was originally mixed and produced by a man named Michael Wagener. Wagener is a big name in the business, and has mixed albums for METALLICA, MEGADETH, QUEEN, MÖTLEY CRÜE, and OZZY (just to name a few). You can visit his website at www.michaelwagener.com.

"When 'Ozzmosis' was originally mixed, it had a much different sound, partly because it was Mike Inez and Randy Castillo playing on the tracks, and not Geezer Butler or Deen Castronovo as the final version was released with. Ozzy recently released Wagener's original mix of 'See You On The Other Side' on his new box set 'Prince of Darkness' and the differences are astounding.

"Deege from SDMFWorldwide.com visited Wagener at his studio and had the following to say: Epic Records hired famed producer Wagener to produce the album, saying, 'We want exactly the same record as 'No More Tears'.' After 7 songs were completely recorded and mixed with Michael Wagener, Epic came to him and told him, 'Now we want it to sound like SOUNDGARDEN.' Needless to say, this infuriated him, because it was impossible to change the direction of the album after 7 songs were completely finished already. The label decided to abandon tracking of the album. Two of Michael Wagener's original 7 recordings were released as single b-sides, 'Aimee', and 'Living With The Enemy'. One song recorded during the Michael Wagener sessions remains unreleased called 'Slow Burn'. The other four songs recorded were 'Perry Mason', 'See You On The Other Side' (now released on 'Prince of Darkness'),'Tomorrow', and 'Old L.A. Tonight'. These four songs are completely different versions than the final versions on 'Ozzmosis'.

"Epic Records eventually hired SOUNDGARDEN producer Michael Beinhorn to record 'Ozzmosis'. For some reason, Randy Castillo and Mike Inez were not asked back, and Deen Castronovo and Geezer Butler were brought in for the drum and bass duties.

"Wagener posted a sample of his 'Perry Mason' demo on a message board last year. I've saved this demo to my server and you can access it right here (MP3, 3.6 MB)."

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