OZZY OSBOURNE Talks About His Contribution To SLASH's Solo Album

February 1, 2010

Although Ozzy Osbourne has been hard at work on his own new solo album for much of the past year, the Prince of Darkness did find time to contribute vocals to a song on the upcoming debut solo effort from ex-GUNS N' ROSES and VELVET REVOLVER guitarist Slash. Ozzy told The Pulse of Radio how the collaboration came about. "Slash is a real good friend," he said. "He's a lovely, lovely man and his family's great as well. And he phoned me up and he says, 'I'm doing an album, would you be prepared to do — sing on it?' So he sent the tape over and I put a vocal on it and did some lyrics. It was kind of like an '80s vibe and I thought, 'He ain't gonna like this.' He loves it."

Ozzy's song is tentatively titled "Crucify Me Again".

Although the track was initially slated to be the first single from Slash's record, due to legal issues The Pulse of Radio hears that a song featuring AVENGED SEVENFOLD's M. Shadows on vocals, titled "Nothing To Say", may now be the first one headed to rock radio stations.

Slash's solo album is due out this spring and will feature guest appearances from Dave Grohl, Flea, Chris Cornell, Duff McKagan, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Nicole Scherzinger, Meat Loaf, MAROON 5's Adam Levine and possibly Fergie in addition to Ozzy and Shadows.

Ozzy's record is due out by the summer. Although he was thinking of calling it "Soul Sucka", he has now discarded that title following a fan outcry.

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