OZZY Surprises Impersonator HORATIO SANZ On Set Of 'The Sharon Osbourne Show'

March 22, 2004

OZZY OSBOURNE surprised "Saturday Night Live" star and famed Ozzy impersonator Horatio Sanz on the set of today's "The Sharon Osbourne Show".

According to the New York Post, Sharon Osbourne asks Sanz what he'd ask Ozzy if he ever met him, and Horatio replies that he'd ask Ozzy what he'd be if he wasn't a rock star. "Hmm . . . I don't know what he would be but hold on a minute," says Sharon — then summons Ozzy from backstage, who tells a stunned Sanz that he wishes "SNL" did more impersonations of him. "You don't do enough of me!" says Ozzy. As for Sanz, he can only say, "You're awesome! Wow - this is awesome!,"

Watch a preview of today's show: Quicktime, Real One.

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