P.O.D.: "Too Heavy" For SANTANA?

August 9, 2002

P.O.D. have recorded a track entitled "America" for the upcoming SANTANA album, but are not presently certain if the cut will make the final release, according to an interview with guitarist Marcos Curiel posted at MTV.com.

The band reportedly reworked a demo version of a song guitarist Carlos Santana had earmarked for P.O.D.'s contribution and radically altered the original, in the process making it much harder than the rest of the cuts completed for the forthcoming CD, which is said to include guest songwriting by MATCHBOX TWENTY's Rob Thomas and appearances by Placido Domingo, Ozomatli and other yet-to-be-named acts.

"It's definitely got a rock vibe to it," Curiel told MTV. "There's a lot of space when it comes to chords and progression. It's got a good energy, and the vocals are amazing. It's telling a story about a girl named America, which in actuality is talking about our country. It totally rocks.

"The thing is, people are saying this is a really poppy record," Curiel said. "Some folks at the label are saying [our song] might be a bit too heavy."

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