PAPA ROACH To Resume Work On Next Album In The Summer

December 21, 2017

PAPA ROACH will return to the studio in the summer to resume work on its follow-up to this year's "Crooked Teeth" album. Vocalist Jacoby Shaddix told TheRave TV earlier this month (see video below): "In June and July [of 2018], we're gonna step in the studio and continue working on the next record — we've already started work on the next record — and pick up where we left of with 'Crooked Teeth' and just keep kicking ass and taking names."

PAPA ROACH has been previewing a new song called "Geronimo" at some of the band's recent shows. Drummer Tony Palermo told Germany's that the track's lyrics "are basically [about] Jacoby growing up and looking for stuff to do in a small town."

"Crooked Teeth" was released on May 19 via Eleven Seven Music.

Regarding PAPA ROACH's decision to return to the studio so soon, Palermo said: "We basically finished 'Crooked Teeth', and at the beginning of the year, we had a tour cancel on us, so we had to… We couldn't just go out and book a tour; it takes time. So we thought, 'What better time to continue the creative process with our producers, Nick [Nicholas 'Ras' Furlong] and Colin ['Doc' Brittain].' So we went back in the studio right after we finished the last record, 'Crooked Teeth', and got about five or six songs down, demoed out."

Palermo also talked about the musical direction of the brand new PAPA ROACH songs, saying: "They're definitely more in the bouncy, riffy era of PAPA ROACH.

"It's a great start to creating some new music again, even though ['Crooked Teeth'] is still new," he continued. "So it feels good that we have somewhat half a record already written. But that's not to say that those are gonna all make the record, because that's determined at a later time. But we've already had fun writing some of the newer stuff — like, new-new."

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