PAPA ROACH Vocalist JACOBY SHADDIX: 'My Wife's Vagina... That's My Addiction'

April 6, 2019

PAPA ROACH frontman Jacoby Shaddix recently spoke with Meltdown of the Detroit, Michigan radio station 101 WRIF. The full conversation can be streamed below. A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On whether, after being sober for seven years, he's developed a new "addiction":

Jacoby: "I ain't trying to drink. Every time I do, it just destroys my life, so I'm just going to try to stay the course... I'm just always trying to have sex with my wife. My wife's vagina... that's my addiction, honestly. I've been married to this woman for, like, 21 years now, and I just can't get enough. Outside of that... I like to ride my bicycle. That's kind of my thing when I get out there on tour. I didn't take it out this winter because it's freezing freakin' cold, but I'm about to bounce over to the UK, and I like to take my bike out and just go cruise the cities and see so much of the cities. That's my new thing — the bicycle."

On the importance of planning ahead:

Jacoby: "For us, we try to plan our stuff out about a year in advance. That's the best way for us to operate. That's what a lot of bands are doing — you're just looking far out. Sometimes, it does chomp off other opportunities, but you've got to have your vision of what you want to do, and for us, we try to stay a year out from where we're at right now. We're already talking about next winter, next spring, just trying to be responsible so we can some with the plans and let people know well in advance so they can get their priorities straight and get their butts to the PAPA ROACH show."

On guesting on "Anesthetic", the debut solo album by LAMB OF GOD guitarist Mark Morton:

Jacoby: "I had the honor of singing on Mark's record, and what a great record it is. One of the coolest parts of this album to me is the track he did with Chester Bennington. That was, I believe, the last song Chester recorded. I think there's something really special about that. I love MarkMark is a great guitar player. LAMB OF GOD, they are my favorite metal band, period. To be able to collaborate with Mark and to meet him and just hang and stuff like that, he's just such a great guy, and I think the world of him. I think he's dope."

On Bennington:

Jacoby: "It's an incredible tragedy that we lost him. He was just a great guy. He and I struggled with some of the same things. Just to know that he made that choice really gutted me. I look back on that and I'm like, 'Man, I wish I could have just called him up or chatted with him'... It's a tough situation. [I] miss him; [I] love him. I just went on my morning run today and was listening to LINKIN PARK, just vibing on Chester. [It] bums me out, man."

On the strangest place he's ever heard a PAPA ROACH song:

Jacoby: "In a doctor's office. I'm going, 'What the hell is going on?' 'Scars' came on, and I'm sitting in the waiting room, and I see these people looking at their phone, and they're looking up at me, and I'm just going, 'Oh my god. What the hell? I'm here to get my blood tested. Come on.'"

Morton's solo debut, "Anesthetic" – which features Shaddix on the song "Sworn Apart" – was released March 1. Shaddix also appears on "The Reckoning", the first single from WITHIN TEMPTATION's recently released album "Resist".

PAPA ROACH's tenth studio album, "Who Do You Trust?" , was released on January 18 via Eleven Seven.

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