PAPA ROACH's JACOBY SHADDIX On Finally Getting Sober In 2012: 'It Got Real Dark For Me A Few Times Out There'

May 21, 2020

PAPA ROACH's Jacoby Shaddix was a guest on a recent episode of GODSMACK frontman Sully Erna's Internet show, called "Hometown Sessions". During the chat, the singer, who has been sober for eight years now, spoke about how he found himself taking to the rock and roll lifestyle a little too easily, which almost cost him his family.

"It got real dark for me a few times out there," Jacoby said (see video below). "And thank god I've just pulled the plug on that stuff before it just completely destroyed everything I love. 'Cause essentially a lot of the things that I truly love — my family, my wife, my relationship — had started to slip. There's so much more to this life than just drinking and partying for me. And I found that through being sober and traveling the world, it's almost like I have more fun now because I'm just more aware, I'm more in the moment. And it works for me.

"It can get real dark, man," he added. "We consider ourselves lucky ones, to be honest, to get out of the burning house alive. 'Cause that's what was happening. I've just gotta stay connected to people in recovery — that's been another thing that's been really helpful to me. And then also just kind of getting creative as well."

In a 2019 interview with Kerrang! magazine, Shaddix revealed that the struggle with alcohol had been in his family for generations, continually destroying lives and relationships.

"I remember my mom telling me when I was a kid that I had to be careful, as alcoholism runs deep in both sides of the family," he said. "I should have heeded the warnings, but when you're young and restless, you don't give a fuck, so I went for it. And lo and behold, it started damaging relationships, and my health and drive. I tried for a long time to put the bottle down. I got kicked out of the house and it looked like my wife and I were going to split up. There came a point when I realized enough was enough, and now I haven't picked up the bottle in seven years. It's dramatically affected my life in so many positive ways, giving me the opportunity to be a good husband and father, as well as a kickass frontman. I watch all the fucking VH1 documentaries about musicians dying, and having friends die from this shit, I'm lucky that I got out alive. I can't say I've been perfect — I've slipped up and smoked weed a few times, but haven't had any alcohol, cocaine, pills or anything else."

When asked if he ever feared that the need to stay sober might have meant he had to stop touring, Jacoby said: "I think that's why I kept falling off the wagon. Before we put out 'Getting Away With Murder' [2004], that was the first time I tried to put the bottle down. But on the road, I was apart from my sober friends, and I'd be on the bus with everyone drinking. So I'd end up in the back lounge, secretly chugging vodka. That was tough for years. Now I've been relieved of the obsession — I look back like, 'That's a young man's game.' Plus, I want to stay pretty."

PAPA ROACH recently completed a European tour promoting its "Who Do You Trust?" album, with ICE NINE KILLS and HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD supporting.

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