PATHOLOGY Names New Vocalist, Reunites With Guitarist

February 4, 2011

2010 was a volatile year for San Diego's PATHOLOGY. While it saw the band releasing its Victory Records debut, "Legacy Of The Ancients", and doing three tours (alongside NILE, IMMOLATION/VADER and DESTROYER 666),the group was plagued by a rotation of fill-in singers and ultimately a horrible van accident that derailed the band from continuing.

Since that tragic event November 10, the guys have been putting things back in order. In addition to a new van, trailer and gear, PATHOLOGY has also enlisted a new full-time vocalist to replace original voice Matti Way, who was unable to tour with the band. Jonathan Huber, formerly of I DECLARE WAR, has taken over duties as frontman for PATHOLOGY. In addition to his stellar vocal capabilities, Jonathan proved to have the right attitude and presence that won him the spot.

"I'm very honored and feel very privileged to now be a part of the PATHOLOGY family," stated Jonathan. "After being a fan of theirs for three years, being in the band is pretty surreal. I look forward to touring and recording with the band, and thank them for this opportunity."

In addition, the band has welcomed back guitarist Tim Tiszczenko, who stepped down midway through the touring cycle. Tim joins his replacement guitarist Kevin Schwartz for a dual-guitar assault. Both guitar players have also been writing new material in the downtime, bringing a whole new level of intensity to the band.

Drummer Dave Astor has this to say: "I am happy to have Tim back in the band. He is a big part of the PATHOLOGY sound. He's had time to reconsider and is fully committed now. It's the right thing. I'm excited to be working with him again."

Fans can see the new lineup beginning mid-month as they will open for DEICIDE and BELPHEGOR.

"I'm very excited to get back on the road," stated Dave. "We have been working hard to get things back in working order after our car wreck and I am thrilled to be playing again and am looking forward to showing the fans the new lineup. I have always been a big fan of DEICIDE. I remember seeing and meeting them in 1992 on Halloween here in San Diego. So to be touring with them 19 years later is very cool! We play very early on this tour so make sure to get there and catch our set."

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