PAUL DI'ANNO Wants To Do One Final Tour With IRON MAIDEN

October 5, 2004

Former IRON MAIDEN frontman Paul Di'Anno recently gave an interview to the Belgian fan site about his upcoming projects and his thoughts on MAIDEN's musical progression over the years. Several exceprts from the interview follow:

Q: How do you feel MAIDEN would of progressed had you never left the band?

Paul Di'Anno: "That's a difficult question as I was never able to see into the future. However, I reckon they would have maybe had a harder more aggresive approach if I were still in the band. Bruce [Dickinson] is an amazing singer, but he never had the hard aggresive metal/punk madness that I have.

Q: Would you like to participate in any future MAIDEN tours?

Paul Di'Anno: "Yes, I would like to make one final tour before we are all too old or one of us dies."

Q: [Former MAIDEN guitarist] Dennis Stratton is touring with Jesse Cox (ex-TYGERS OF PAN TANG) and Al Atkins (ex-JUDAS PRIEST) and are only playing songs from MAIDEN, TYGERS and PRIEST. Some people bashing you of for being "a MAIDEN tribute" while those three can do whatever they want without being criticized. Any opinion on this?

Paul Di'Anno: "Firstly I do not consider Dennis is worth talking about, as he is a telephone engineer, and often works at weekends in East London pubs (just for extra money) playing Robbie Williams and Kylie pop shit songs, and that is not metal, so he should have stopped pretending 20 years ago and stayed with his telephone job and stayed away from metal. Secondly, I really do not think anyone really cares or gives a shit about Dennis, and I am surprised he is even remembered by anyone, especially as his playing was pretty bad and very old-fashioned the last time I saw him play some years ago and quite frankly he was never really into metal as he was always a pop guitarist really.

"People can think what they like about me, so long as I am still here and playing to many many metal fans all over the world."

Read the complete interview here.


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