PAUL STANLEY Hospitalized Prior To California Gig; KISS Performs As Three-Piece

July 28, 2007

Paul Stanley was unable to perform at KISS's show earlier tonight (Friday, July 27) in San Jacinto, CA. According to unconfirmed reports, he was sent to a local hospital after it was determined that his heart was beating at 200 beats per minute and he was given a shot in an attempt to slow it down. Stanley did perform at the soundcheck this afternoon around 6:00 p.m. PST. Gene Simmons carried the show and KISS played as a three-piece with fans joining them onstage early in the set to fill in for Paul. The final setlist was as follows:

01. Deuce
02. Cold Gin
03. Calling Dr. Love
04. (Long Pause) Christeen Sixteen
05. Nothin' to Lose (w/ Eric Singer on vocals)
06. I Love it Loud
07. Goin' Blind
08. Watchin' You
09. She
10. Parasite
11. God of Thunder
12. Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll
13. Black Diamond (w/ Eric Singer on vocals)
14. Rock and Roll All Night

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