PEARL JAM Bassist Says Having DONALD TRUMP As U.S. President 'Seems Like A Bad Dream'

May 4, 2018

PEARL JAM bassist Jeff Ament says that having Donald Trump as president of the United States seems "like a bad dream."

Back in March, PEARL JAM released a new single called "Can't Deny Me". While the bandmembers have not discussed the meaning of the song, based on the single cover art and their liberal political views, many fans have assumed the track is about Trump.

Asked in a new interview with NME for his thoughts are on the current U.S. president, Ament said: "Oh, man, where do I start? Is this a bad dream? It does seem like a bad dream. I think when he first started talking about running for president, like, six or seven years ago, I remember thinking, like, 'What a joke.' And I'm not sure what he did. But, like, half the positions in the cabinet aren't filled, so I don't know who's driving the car right now."

Ament also talked about Kanye West recently coming out in support of Trump. The rapper posted a series of tweets about the president last month, professing his love for the billionaire real estate mogul and saying the pair and the "are both dragon energy."

"I love Kanye, I saw the last Kanye tour and I thought it was one of the greatest things ever, but then when he opened his mouth, I swung the other way," Jeff said. "I think he's just, you know, with the Kardashians and that whole thing. All of it is just a big publicity stunt. He's been out of the news for a few months, so I think he's looking to generate some. He says something about dragons, I don't know, dragon energy, whatever that is."

Asked if Kanye's comments affect his enjoyment of the rapper's music, Ament said: "I have a hard time separating the art from the artist. There's certain artists where I don't read their interviews because it really affects me enjoying their music. I wish I hadn't opened that text that had the article about dragon energy and Donald Trump. It's unfortunate."

Ament will release his third solo album, titled "Heaven/Hell", on May 10. The disc was recorded between June and October 2017 by John Burton and Josh Evans at Horseback Ridge, Litho, Studio X and Warehouse.

PEARL JAM has been writing its 11th studio LP and is heading out on European and North American tour dates this spring and summer.

In addition to a full month of European dates, PEARL JAM will play two shows apiece at Seattle's Safeco Field, Chicago's Wrigley Field and Boston's Fenway Park, as well as a gig in Missoula, Montana.

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