PEARL JAM Discontinues Holiday Singles Series After 27 Years

December 31, 2018

According to The Pulse Of Radio, PEARL JAM announced last Thursday (December 27) that its Ten Club singles series, which has annually sent exclusive singles to members of their fan club, would be coming to an end in 2019.

A message posted on the band's web site read: "Beginning January 1, 2019 the Ten Club Single will be discontinued. PEARL JAM and all of us at Ten Club appreciate the loyalty and dedication from our members. It has been amazing to watch the fan club evolve over the years into the tight-knit community it is today, and we’re excited to see what the future holds."

The single series began in 1991, with the holiday-themed song "Let Me Sleep (Christmas Time)" as the A-side, and would continue for each of the last 27 holiday seasons — though the series took a break for 1994, and the timing of its shipping had become more erratic in recent years.

The series even yielded a hit single for the group, when the B-side of the band's 1998 release, a cover of WAYNE COCHRAN AND THE C.C. RIDERS' tragic '60s love song "Last Kiss", became a crossover hit the following year. It reached the Top 5 on the rock, alternative and mainstream charts.

PEARL JAM's last studio LP was 2013's "Lightning Bolt".

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