PITCHSHIFTER Enter Second Week Of Mixing Process!

December 21, 2001

Britain's PITCHSHIFTER have entered the second week of the mixing process for their upcoming CD, tentatively entitled PSI, which is currently being completed at The Shop Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey under the guidance of acclaimed producer Machine. According to vocalist J.S. Clayden, "time just seems to be flying by so fast with this record. Already we're into the second week of the mix. Machine and I had a strategy to do a few mixes first to get ourselves into the mix of this record, then go all out for the songs we feel are the most important on the second week. So we're 'warmed up' for the onslaught. So far it's going well. when you consider that some of the songs have 128 tracks running simultaneously - it's no easy task. Machine is a great producer though, and he's really making all these new tunes sound awesome. We're all very proud of this record."

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