POP EVIL Singer Has Written More Than 30 Songs For Band's Next Album

February 19, 2020

POP EVIL frontman Leigh Kakaty says that he has already written more than three albums' worth of material for the band's new LP.

The Michigan rockers' next release will be the follow-up to 2018's self-titled effort, which saw the group working with a new producer, Kato Khandwala, and incorporating a heavier and harder edge, thanks to songs like "Art Of War" and "Colors Bleed". (Khandwala died in April 2018 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.)

Speaking to Ned of Iowa's Rock 108 radio station, Leigh said (hear audio below): "All I'm gonna say is the new stuff is insane. I've got 30 songs written already.

"Every chance I finally get to write, I go out to L.A. and I get as far away from the Midwest, just 'cause, number one, it's warmer, obviously, but it puts my mind in a different spot when I'm in L.A.," he explained. "Being a Michigan boy, I always dreamed of being out there. So I really try to dive in and write as many [songs as I can].

"I've got enough for three albums already," he revealed. "But we'll see. We're picking the best of the best, and a lot of these songs might not even see the light of day. It's about getting the right songs that we feel are, I guess, where we are moving forward."

This past December, Kakaty told The Oakland Press that the material he has written for POP EVIL's next album was some of his "favorite" stuff. "There's never a direction at this point," he said. "We want to obviously have guitars and have them loud and have it heavy, but we also want to stay true to the groove that we've had with songs like 'Footsteps' and 'Take It All' and 'Ways to Get High'. We have that 'Pop' and more vocal, melodic songs, but then of course there's the 'Evil' that's just straight heavy — so basically what we've always done. We're just trying to shape it and make it be better."

Kakaty and POP EVIL guitarist Nick Fuelling recently embarked on a short acoustic tour, playing unplugged versions of the band's favorites.

"Pop Evil" marked POP EVIL's recording debut with British drummer Hayley Cramer, who joined the group in 2016 following the departure of Josh "Chachi" Marunde.

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