PROBOT: A Tribute To Underground Metal

June 18, 2003

Former NIRVANA drummer Dave Grohl has confirmed to that his much-anticipated metal side project PROBOT will finally surface in early fall on Southern Lord Recordings.

"It's not unlike [SANTANA's 'Supernatural'] record in that it really kick ass, but it's not the kind of thing that you'd expect," Grohl said of the album. "There's a certain kind of person that will like the PROBOT record, and there aren't that many of those people. ... I mean, it's not meant to, like, make money."

PROBOT's debut CD — which features Grohl, ZWAN guitarist Matt Sweeney and FOO FIGHTERS producer Adam Kasper accompanying SLAYER's Tom Araya, MOTÖRHEAD's Lemmy Kilmister and others singers — has been in the works for much of the past three years, and was previously rumored to be coming out through either Roadrunner Records or RCA Records (via Grohl's Roswell imprint).

"After recording a bunch of it, a friend of mine said, 'Wow, you know what would be really cool is if you could get a different vocalist to sing on each thing.' And then I picked all of my favorite vocalists from that specific genre of music, underground metal from like '83 to '89," Grohl explained.

Among the tracks that are set to appear on the effort are the following:

01. Dictatorsaurus (feat. Snake)
02. Centuries Of Sin (feat. Cronos)
03. Access Babylon (feat. Mike Dean)
04. Sweet Dreams (feat. King Diamond)
05. Ice Cold Man (feat. Lee Dorrian)
06. My Tortured Soul (feat. Eric Wagner)
07. Big Sky (feat. Tom G. Fischer)
08. Emerald Lies (feat. Wino)
09. Shake Your Blood (feat. Lemmy)

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