Producer: New IRON MAIDEN Album Is 'Progressing At An Amazing Pace'

April 3, 2006

IRON MAIDEN producer Kevin Shirley has issued another update as part of his ongoing studio diary covering the making of the group's new album, tentatively due this fall. An excerpt from the latest entry follows:

"Another week has slipped by, and the album is progressing at an amazing pace — we have two songs finished, apart from the vocals, and they are pretty mind-blowing. The 'single,' I guess, was the first which features a terrific solo from Adrian [Smith] and is fairly compact, along the lines of recent rockers — and the second is a tour-de-force, with a quiet intro, really great chorus, some proggy staccato riffing, a sing-along guitar melody section, and again two phenomenal solos, one from Davey [Murray] and one from Adrian, which almost sounds like a fusion solo — a la John McLaughlin — amazing!"

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IRON MAIDEN recently confirmed a full European leg of their world tour for this coming winter 2006. The trek will start in Scandinavia on November 9 and will include new album material, which will be released prior to the tour. They are currently considering album artwork and the production for the tour, which will be in true MAIDEN tradition, with spectacular stage production and massive sound and lights ... and, of course, Eddie!!

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