September 25, 2006

PROJECT: FAILING FLESH, the group featuring former VOIVOD/current E-FORCE bassist/vocalist Eric Forrest, Kevin 131 (GARDEN OF SHADOWS, TWISTED TOWER DIRE, BRAVE, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT) and Tim Gutierrez (instruments),has announced its split with Holland's Karmageddon Media.

Commented Kevin 131: "As much as we hate to see the same reason in press over and over, we have to warn other bands not to work with Karmageddon or Guido [Karmageddon head honcho]. Simply put, we signed a contract that said we would send them our masters, they would send us money for them. We sent the masters, then they sent us a check for one-fifth of the amount, with an explanation that we would get payments. Not what we agreed on at all. In the meantime, they put out the record (which they didn't even totally own!). Totally uncool. We spent the next two years giving them every opportunity to square up with us. They sent two more payments, then stopped. At one point we even decided to be cool and let them send us copies of our own CD and we would give them credit for it. They sent us a box of CDs, not shrink-wrapped and not even close to the number we agreed on.

"As of right now, we are still owed money and may pursue it further. We still hope Guido takes the chance to be a stand-up guy and square up with us, but for now we doubt that will happen. We sent e-mail after e-mail, no reply. Even sent one last week. No reply. So for now we just want to work with people who are cool and love doing music and love metal and are honest people — which is what we are doing.

"We will announce a new label signing quite soon, perhaps as early as next week.

"The new record ['The Conjoined'] is complete and has been getting great reviews from the people who have heard it! Most of all, we are happy with it and just want to make some cool, brutal, tunes. After all, people want to hear music, not junk like the above."

PROJECT: FAILING FLESH's debut album, "A Beautiful Sickness", was released in the U.S. in early 2005 via Candlelight Records USA.

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