May 20, 2002

PURE SWEET HELL, the side project of NEVERMORE drummer Van Williams, have posted an MP3 of the track "Sentinels" at this location.

"Sentinels" comes off the group's recent six-song demo, which features Williams on drums and vocals, and Christ Eichhorn on guitar, bass and keyboards. Longtime friends and bandmates since Williams' pre-NEVERMORE days as a New York resident, the duo have enlisted NEVERMORE axeman Jeff Loomis to lay down a guest solo on the track "Faded" on the aforementioned CD, while former NEVERMORE and current ANNIHILATOR guitarist Curran Murphy appears in the song "Shadow". At the moment, the pair are focusing their attention promoting the group's name through word of mouth while contemplating the possibility of several live shows in the future, for which they have apparently lined up "some killer players", according to Van.

The full track listing for PURE SWEET HELL's current demo is as follows:

01. House Of Gods
02. Sentinels
03. Faded
04. Shadows
05. Rot And Death
06. The Kill In Me

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