PUSHKING: 'It'll Be OK' Video Featuring EXTREME, ZZ TOP Members Posted Online

January 18, 2011

Eagle Rock Entertainment will deliver to the masses Russia's premiere rock band PUSHKING. Their CD, "The World As We Love It", will hit the shelves on February 1. [MSRP $13.98]

This new album is a 19-track celebration, composed of re-recorded selections from PUSHKING's catalogue featuring some very special guests. Paul Stanley (KISS),Billy F. Gibbons (ZZ TOP),Alice Cooper, Steve Vai, Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE),Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW),Keri Kelli (ALICE COOPER),Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOL),and Nuno Bettencourt (EXTREME) are just some of the elite rock alumni who RSVP'd for this musical party.

Produced by Fabrizio Grossi (GLENN HUGHES, ALICE COOPER, DAVE NAVARRO, TOTO),"The World As We Love It" is a superior series of shifting moods, showcasing PUSHKING's versatile musical prowess. Loaded with soaring harmonics, sky-scaling solos, and just the right amount of grit, the band's genre-straddling sound is a marriage of solid hard rock and classic Eastern European heritage.

Formed in 1994, PUSHKING is the culmination of vocalist/main songwriter Konstantin "Koha" Shustarev, guitarists Nikolai Yegerev and Dmitry Losev, bassist Valeriy Sadakov, keyboardist Vicktor Drobysh, and drummer Andrey Kruglov. The chemistry within this band has resulted in a potent brand of rock music, which has preserved through their 15-year career and only gets better. "It was a gas singin' on their record", states Glenn Hughes. "Take it from me, it's the real deal!!"

"The World As We Love It" track listing:

01. Intro

02. Nightrider

Billy F. Gibbons - Vocals, Guitar

03. It'll Be OK

Billy F. Gibbons - Vocals
Nuno Bettencourt (EXTREME) - Guitar

04. Troubled Love

Alice Cooper - Vocals
Keri Kelli (ALICE COOPER) - Guitar

05. Stranger's Song

John Lawton (ex-URIAH HEEP) - Vocals
Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOL) - Guitar

06. Cut The Wire

Paul Stanley (KISS) - Vocals
Stevie Salas - Guitar

07. My Reflections After Seeing The "Schindler's List" Movie

Steve Vai - Guitar

08. God Made Us Free

Graham Bonnet (ex-RAINBOW, ALCATRAZZ) - Vocals

09. Why Don't You?

Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE) - Vocals

10. I Believe

Jeff Scott Soto (ex-JOURNEY, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) - Vocals

11. Tonight

Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE) - Vocals
Joe Bonamassa (BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION) - Guitar

12. Private Own

Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE) - Vocals
Matt Filippini (MOONSTONE) - Guitar

13. Open Letter To God

Eric Martin (MR. BIG) - Vocals

14. Nature's Child

Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O., ex-ACCEPT) - Vocals

15. I Love You

Dan McCafferty (NAZARETH) - Vocals

16. Head Shooter

Joe Lynn Turner (ex-RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE) - Vocals

17. Heroin

Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN) - Vocals

18. My Simple Song

Dan McCafferty (NAZARETH) - Vocals

19. Kukarracha

Joe Lynn Turner - Vocals
Eric Martin - Vocals
Glenn Hughes - Vocals
Paul Stanley - Vocals
Graham Bonnet - Vocals
Steve Lukather (TOTO) – Guitar

The "It'll Be OK" video featuring Billy F. Gibbons and Nuno Bettencourt can be viewed below. The Fabrizio Grossi-directed clip finds PUSHKING vocalist Konstantin "Koha" Shustarev trading verses with Gibbons, while Bettencourt lays down one of his signature guitar solos towards the end of the track.

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