REBELLION Guitarist Forced To Sit Out Tour, Temporary Replacement Announced

August 18, 2005

REBELLION, the German band that features in its ranks former GRAVE DIGGER members Uwe Lulis (guitar) and Tomi Göttlich (bass),have temporarily replaced guitarist Björn Eilen with Simone Wenzel. According to the group's official statement, "for reasons of health (hearing impairment) our guitar player Björn Eilen will not be able to play any REBELLION shows this year. He has been suffering for some time and this summer his hearing got so bad that he's taking time off 'till the end of this year. Of course we're hoping that he'll recover soon and wish him all the best. His place will be taken part-time by Simone Wenzel who will be swinging the axe! She's not only a good looker but also plays a pretty solid metal guitar. So, watch out for her!"

REBELLION's latest album, "Sagas of Iceland", was released in May via Massacre Records. The follow-up to 2003's "Born a Rebel" is the first part of a Viking trilogy based upon Ragnar Lodenhose ("Sons Of The Dragonslayer"),the Norwegian king Harald Harfager (who created the first united Norwegian kingdom),Eric the Red, and both Danish kings Sven Gabelbart ("Ruling The Waves") and Knut the Great. "Part 2" (estimated release in 2006) will deal with the Swedish and Russian Vikings and their glorious deeds. "Part 3" (estimated release in 2007) will be cover the "Edda" story collection where the listener will get more information about the mythology and the gods of the Vikings.

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