Report: Battle Over Estate Of JIMI HENDRIX Heads To Court

June 26, 2004

The surviving relatives of Jimi Hendrix will engage in an ugly battle over the rock musician's multi-million-dollar legacy in a Seattle court next week, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Jimi's younger brother, Leon Hendrix, 56, wants a share of the cash and the companies that his late father, Al, helped start and that his stepsister Janie and cousin Robert now control. At issue in the petition filed in King County Superior Court is the last will his father wrote before his death in April 2002. It left Leon and his family without a dime of the estate's money.

"Me and my father always did have a great relationship," Leon Hendrix said in an interview. "I was always in his will. This is my father. He provided for (me and my children) all of this time, for some reason ... everything became changed."

Additionally, the petition asserts that other trustees named as beneficiaries didn't receive payments the trust should provide. Broadly, the plaintiffs accuse Janie (and to a lesser degree Robert) of manipulating an infirm Al to take control of the family money. The estate is valued at about $80 million and reportedly pulls in several million annually.

"What was the reason to carve Leon out?" asked Robert Curran, Leon's attorney. "Al said he would provide for Leon and his children and included them in the original will. We want the court to look at Al's stated history and then what happened with the estate plan." Read more.

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