Report: TRENT REZNOR Playing 'Major Role' In APPLE Streaming Service

March 27, 2015

According to The Pulse Of Radio, NINE INCH NAILS mainman Trent Reznor is reportedly playing a major role in redesigning the digital music app on Apple's iPhones to include a new streaming service. Reznor is the chief creative officer at Beats Music, the streaming service that Apple acquired for $3 billion last year. The Beats staff is working with Apple to create a brand new streaming app that will allow Apple to compete with companies like Spotify and Rhapsody.

The new service will be the biggest change in Apple's music strategy in years. Until now the company has relied on selling music downloads via its iTunes store.

Reznor is said to be the "point man" for overhauling Apple's digital music services, according to two Apple employees who spoke with The New York Times anonymously.

Music listeners are turning away from downloads, which earned 8.5 percent less in 2014 than the year before, and are embracing streaming.

The new music app that Reznor and others are working on may feature many of the same elements as the Beats Music streaming service, including curated playlists and vivid visuals. The name Beats Music will most likely be dropped.

Reznor hinted at what he was working on in an interview with Billboard last November, saying that Apple "expressed direct interest in me designing some products with them. I can't go into details, but I feel like I'm in a unique position where I could be of benefit to them."

Reznor said at the time that the project was in the "world" of music delivery, adding, "It's exciting to me, and I think it could have a big enough impact that it's worth the effort."

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