Report: Vintage Rock Concert T-Shirts Are Fashionable — And Valuable

August 31, 2004

T.J. Banes of is reporting that Brian Hughes, 18, a sophomore at Broad Ripple High School, is keeping the music alive by owning stacks and stacks of vintage concert T-shirts dating back to the 1980s.

Hughes is one of many teens who collect worn, and sometimes torn, ever-so-soft T-shirts bearing the names of larger-than-life rock bands from bygone days.

Some of the "super-deluxe" shirts — much sought after because of their age and the desirability of the band — are selling on eBay for up into the hundreds of dollars. A shirt from 1981's "Day on the Green Tour" at the Oakland (Calif.) Coliseum with HEART, LOVERBOY and OZZY OSBOURNE can bring in $81; and a ROLLING STONES North American Tour T-shirt from the same year can bring in $300.

The novelty of owning a rare shirt, particularly one bearing the names and faces of bands that were in the forefront of the counterculture — groups like the GRATEFUL DEAD or the STONES — makes the shirts priceless.

There's a history that comes with the novelty, bringing to mind images of Jerry Garcia singing "Shakedown Street" live onstage with the GRATEFUL DEAD, AC/DC blasting the 1970s hit "Highway to Hell", or MÖTLEY CRÜE indulging in its leather-and-makeup antics. Read more.

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