RICHIE KOTZEN Releases Music Video For 'Riot'

June 5, 2018

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Richie Kotzen has just released a music video for a new song called "Riot". The clip, which also features bassist Dylan Wilson and drummer Mike Bennett, was shot on location in Los Angeles, California by Vicente Cordero. The single be available Thursday, June 7 on all digital platforms.

Kotzen explains: "I'm very excited to share another new song with you all!

"We made a music video to go with the song and really wanted to focus on the performance of the band more than a storyline.

"One of the things I love about this track is the interplay between the guitar, bass, and drums. Although I wrote the musical lines we are playing, my goal was to somehow capture the live energy of my band on the final recording.

"Dylan, Mike, and I have been touring together for seven years and there are some live recordings out there, but we never spent much time together in the studio recording. I feel like this new recording is a great example of all three of us playing at the top of our potential.

"I hope you enjoy the new song and the new video!"

Kotzen's latest solo album, "Salting Earth", was released in April 2017 via his own custom label, Headroom-Inc.

The majority of "Salting Earth" was the result of Kotzen's one-man production machine, with the exception of Julia Lage adding background vocals to "Make It Easy".

Asked how he keeps coming up with fresh ideas, Kotzen told Audio Ink Radio: "What happens for me is that over the course of a year, I might write five or six or 10 or 12 songs that I really like, and then after I write each one, I record it. So, the songs are all recorded at different times. And then, at some point I'll go back and listen to everything and decide which ones I really like. If I feel like I have a record, then I release something. Sometimes I might have seven songs that I really like and then go back and discover two or three things that I never finished, and I suddenly feel inspired to finish them. It's a different kind of process. It's very different from the process of going into a studio, booking time and saying, 'Okay, I have two weeks to do this record.' I don't really have deadlines. I just write what I write, and when I have enough material that I'm excited about, I'll put it together and release it."

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