September 20, 2005

Another track from the upcoming ROADRUNNER UNITED "The All-Star Sessions" CD, entitled "The End", has been made available for streaming at

This full-length release, in stores on October 11, 2005, is a "master class" in hard rock/metal. Boasting 55 artists from 42 of Roadrunner's past and present bands, the album will contain original tracks that are collaborations between numerous Roadrunner stars.

Four central musicians were originally chosen to produce and write the songs. Joey Jordison (SLIPKNOT),Dino Cazares (ex-FEAR FACTORY/BRUJERIA),Robert Flynn (MACHINE HEAD) and Matthew Heafy (TRIVIUM). These four musicians play on the songs they have written and have also assembled a unique team of artists to appear on each track. In order to cover as wide a spectrum as possible, no musician has played for more than one writer/producer and each song features a different vocalist.

Written and produced by Cazares, "The End" features Matt Heafy (TRIVIUM) on vocals, Nadja Peulen (ex-COAL CHAMBER) on bass, Roy Mayorga (ex-SOULFLY, MEDICATION, THORN) on drums, Logan Mader (ex-MACHINE HEAD, SOULFLY) on melodic guitar harmonics, Rhys Fulber (FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY) on keyboards/programming, and Cazares on rhythm guitar.

Commented Cazares: "This song was conceived in 2001 in Germany backstage in a dressing room at a club. My guitar was plugged into a practice amp, listening through my headphones. I was still on tour with FEAR FACTORY, but writing songs for another project because I knew the breakup was inevitable. And this is what I was feeling at the time.

"I sent the demo over to Rhys Fulber (producer of FEAR FACTORY's 'Demanufacture' and 'Obsolete'). He re-wrote the drum programming and added keyboards and samples. Jason 'Gong' Jones sang the original version which landed him the gig as the second vocalist for DROWNING POOL.

"In 2005 Monte Conner (A&R, Roadrunner) called me and asked if I'd be a team captain (Team Cazares) for the ROADRUNNER UNITED 'All Stars'. I was honored. He also asked if I would re-record the song. I was hesitant at first because it's more mellow than my usual work, and it's unique because it's not something I would normally write. Monte saw the bigger picture for the song, and him being a good friend, I trusted his judgement. So I decided to re-record it.

"Now that the music was recorded, picking the singer was the hard part. Monte Conner asked what I thought of Matt Heafy possibly singing on this track. My response was, Matt who? I had the TRIVIUM CD — it's killer — but I wasn't familiar with Matt himself, him being a new kid on the block and me being a veteran. I sent Matt the track and he just felt it. He said he had always wanted to sing a song like this. After he recorded the vocals, he sent Monte and me the song. I didn't know what to expect, after all he's only 19. I played the track and my jaw dropped. I was blown away by this kid's talent. Not only can he sing brutal but he has an amazing melodic voice...and I'm honored that Roadrunner picked this track to be the first single and the first video. This song cannot be compared to any of my other work because it's totally different, but in itself it's an amazing song."

For the complete details on "The All-Star Sessions" CD, click here.

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