RUSH Guitarist Talks About 30th Anniversary Tour, Upcoming EP

June 4, 2004

RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson has spoken to the Cleveland Plain Dealer about the group's 30th anniversary tour and upcoming covers EP "Feedback".

"This being the anniversary and everything, we thought we'd get back out and do something special with this," Lifeson, 50, said of the current trek. "I mean, we have every intention of going back in the studio and recording a new record."

With regards to "Feedback", which features covers of eight classic rock songs by THE YARDBIRDS, BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD and LOVE, as well as the CREAM-style version of ROBERT JOHNSON's "Crossroads" and THE WHO's interpretation of EDDIE COCHRAN's "Summertime Blues", Lifeson said, "We wanted to pay tribute to some of the music that inspired us when we were younger. We really had a lot of fun doing that."

Unlike the exacting conditions under which RUSH usually record, Lifeson said "Feedback" was a more relaxed affair, with the trio playing together in a studio decked out with lava lamps, candles and carpets.

"We didn't work from a click track this time, which we haven't done in a long time," Lifeson explained. "It's all straight from the floor. We wanted to capture the spirit of the way these songs were recorded originally.

"It was very nice to work that way. It was very loose and open. Having contact with each other in the same room was really refreshing." [Read more]

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