SABATON: Song-By-Song Description Of 'Attero Dominatus'

May 18, 2006

SABATON singer Joakim Brodèn has issued a track-by-track description of the band's third full-length album, "Attero Dominatus", due on July 28 via Black Lodge Records. It reads as follows:

Track 1 - "Attero Dominatus": "This song is what SABATON is all about. A fast song in 6/8 beat and one hell of a chorus with really powerful choirs. (The song is about the destruction of Berlin right at the end of the war.)"

Track 2 - "Nuclear Attack": "All of you who saw us on the last tour knows this track. A real crowdbreaker/sing-along tune. (The song is about the nuclear bombs dropped over japan, mainly the second over one Nagasaki.)"

Track 3 - "Rise of Evil": "A slow but f*cking heavy and epic song (over 8 min long !?!) with killer riffs and solos. (The song is about how Hitler came to power in Germany.)"

Track 4 - "In the Name of God": "Mid-tempo heavy metal ground punder! SABATON raising hell with a sing-along chorus. (The song is about the terrorist bastards who kill innocent people in 'in the name of god'.)"

Track 5 - "We Burn": "A fast double-bass drum tune with fast riffing and aggressive lyrics. (A real short but f*cking intensive tune) (The song is sung from the perspective of Slobodan Milosevic.)"

Track 6 - "Angels Calling": "Kind of an "old-school hard rock" tune with an amazing atmosphere, almost impossible to stand still when you hear it. (The song is about the trench war in WW1.)"

Track 7 - "Back in Control": "Amazing fast track with really powerful riffing and one hell of a sing along chorus. Probably a crowd live favourite. (The song is about the Falklands war and how the brits regained control.)"

Track 8 - "A Light in the Black": "Sing-along mid-tempo tune with a great groove and amazing choirs. (The song is tribute to the U.N. soldiers around the world.)"

Track 9 - "Metal Crüe": "A really catchy (and funny) party-track in the same vein as 'Metal Machine', bit quite different. (The song is about dif#%"¤"/") (¤DJ/(¤&"JJ)#"/ ERROR /)"

The CD's artwork is once again being handled by Mattias Norén of Progart Media. On May 13-14, a music video for the album's projected title track was filmed.

SABATON's sophomore full-length effort, "Primo Victoria", was recorded at Studio Abyss in February 2004 and mastered at Polar studios.

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