March 15, 2002

Sabbatum is the name of a very special BLACK SABBATH tribute album containing renditions of 12 SABBATH classics performed on medieval instruments like lute, fiddle and harp by Estonian medieval music band RONDELLUS. To top it off, all the songs are sung in Latin language, faithfully translated from the originals. The full track listing for the album is as follows:

01. Verres Militares (War Pigs)
02. Oculi Filioli (Junior's Eyes)
03. Funambulus Domesticus (A National Acrobat)
04. Symptoma Mundi (Symptom Of The Universe)
05. Post Murum Somnii (Behind The Wall Of Sleep)
06. Post Aeternitatem (After Forever)
07. Magus (The Wizard)
08. Solitudo (Solitude)
09. Rotae Confusionis (Wheels Of Confusion)
10. Planetarum Vagatio (Planet Caravan)
11. Via Gravis (Hard Road)
12. Architectus Urbis Caelestis (Spiral Arcitect)

For more information and sound samples, visit Sabbatum's official web site at this location.

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