SALIVA Guitarist Quits, Says Band Is 'Not A Unit Anymore'

May 31, 2005

Guitarist Chris Dabaldo has left SALIVA. In a posting in the "Ask the Band' section on the group's official web site, Dabaldo writes, "I feel it is necessary to let the fans know first that I have decided to leave SALIVA as of 5/29/2005. I wanted ya'll to hear it first from me instead of by rumor. I'll be looking to forming or joining a new band that is dedicated to their fans and the band. I'm quitting for obvious reasons, as the band is not a unit anymore. I have been given no other choice in the matter. I love you all and look foward to seeing you again. I will miss you very, very much. I'm sorry."

SALIVA frontman Josey Scott recently joined the cast of the new TNT series "Wanted", to air beginning in July.

As part of an ensemble cast to include Gary Cole ("Dodgeball") and Ryan Hurst ("Remember the Titans"),Scott will play Rodney Gronbeck, an undercover LAPD sergeant who works with FBI and CIA operatives to hunt down the 100 most-wanted sex crimes offenders.

"It's really raw, kind of like 'CSI'," Scott told

Scott was happy to report that the transition from band-fronting musician to actor has been smooth, since both jobs essentially revolve around developing a character.

"It has more things in common than you would think," said Scott, who had a role in Craig Brewer's Sundance Audience Award winner "Hustle & Flow" and also plans to appear in Brewer's next movie with producer John Singleton.

To help prepare, Scott says he studied with Elvis Presley pal and actor Red West at his Actors Studio in Bartlett.

The main thing the award-winning singer has learned? Act normal.

"That's all De Niro and Pacino do, they play the same guy in every movie," Scott told "They're just themselves whether they're a cop or the devil. So I try to put as much of myself into the character as I can, and that makes it full and real."

(Thanks: Rick Achberger)

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