SATANIC PLANET Feat. DAVE LOMBARDO: New Album Will Sound 'Really Disjointed' And 'Uneasy'

April 24, 2020

Former SLAYER and current SUICIDAL TENDENCIES drummer Dave Lombardo has been using the coronavirus downtime to work on "some unexpected projects," including SATANIC PLANET, which also features his DEAD CROSS bandmate Justin Pearson, producer Luke Henshaw, Justin's PLANET B bandmate Luke Henshaw, and Lucien Greaves, founder of The Satanic Temple. Other musicians contributing to the project include CATTLE DECAPITATION frontman Travis Ryan and Jung Sing, who was in ALL LEATHER with Justin.

Speaking about Lombardo's involvement with SATANIC PLANET, Pearson told Brooklyn Vegan: "We had the bulk of the album done and wanted to see if he'd play on one specific track, and maybe a second. We sent files and then, one track turned into one, then two, then three, and now the entire album, which is awesome. I love the dude and what he is contributing to each track."

Regarding SATANIC PLANET's musical direction the extent of Lucien's involvement, Justin said: "Well, I wouldn't describe the sound. As I do with most of the stuff I am part if, I just say it's 'annoying,' which it mostly is, and it's meant to be. I'm also trying to coin that as an actual genre of music, for all the weird shit that can't be easily placed in a box for marketing purposes. As for Lucien's involvement, he does all of the lyric writing and a good amount of the vocals. But back to what it sounds like… it's basically pretty fucked sounding, in the realm of industrial music, but really disjointed, uneasy. It's supposed to sound like what one would assume a satanic record would sound like."

As for when fans can expect to hear the new SATANIC PLANET material, Justin said: "We still need to finish up the album. We are planning on starting to mix it soon, and then hopefully find a label to release it. With who is involved in the project, and our friends who have contributed to the tracks such as Travis Ryan and Jung Sing, I think it will be well received as bizarre as it is turning out. I really look forward to the world hearing it."

Lombardo, who currently splits his time between crossover pioneers SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, horror-punk icons MISFITS and hardcore supergroup DEAD CROSS, was effectively fired from SLAYER after sitting out the group's Australian tour in February/March 2013 due to a contract dispute with the other bandmembers. He was subsequently replaced by Paul Bostaph, who was previously SLAYER's drummer from 1992 until 2001.

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